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kPoint Platform Overview with CTAs

kPoint Sales

kPoint is the go-to platform for large-scale use of video in your business. kPoint makes your videos smart by enabling higher viewer engagement via search and interactivity.

16 Oct, 20191861 plays1 like

Videofy To Customize Your Videos, with kPoint!

Anuradha M

Create stellar product demo videos with kPoint’s simple tools that will help you edit and customize your output to your liking. We not only help you improve business productivity, but also simplify your path to videofying!

03 Feb, 202116 plays

Enabling high-scale knowledge sharing at the Tata Business Excellence Group

kPoint Sales

Watch how the business excellence division of one of India's largest conglomerates, The Tata Group, has leveraged kPoint’s modern video platform for fostering high scale concurrent communication, learning, and knowledge sharing across thousands of external and internal stakeholders.

04 Dec, 201932 plays

Testimonial Shoot

Sample Video

Watch how the business excellence division of one of India's largest conglomerates, The Tata Group, has leveraged kPoint’s video platform for fostering employee learning and best practices sharing.

18 Jun, 202021 plays

The kPoint team wishes you a Happy 2017

kPoint team

The kPoint team shares their New Year Resolutions and Best Wishes for year 2017!

27 Dec, 2016373 plays

Let's build the coolest Video PaaS

Avijit Sen Mazumder

welcome to the world of videos. kPoint is a cloud-native video pass. We're looking to hire great engineers and smart programmers. Three major focus areas of product engineering. The first scale, performance, and full-time availability. Second to create a live video experience. Third, we would like to use speech and vision AI services to produce the best of class video search and interactivity.

13 Feb, 20173682 plays1 like

kPoint: The video platform for enterprises

Team kPoint

kPoint is a scalable video content management solution for an enterprise's internal and external video needs. Watch this video to see how the kPoint video platform works.

23 Jul, 201967 plays1 like

kPoint's integration with ticketing system

Team kPoint

This kPoint video shows how you can integrate kPoint with a ticketing system with the example of Zendesk. Now customer support agents can reply quickly find the right video that answers a query form the customer and send it as a reply.

07 May, 2014264 plays

Make your enterprise training more effective with kPoint videos

Team kPoint

Meeting the training needs of an organization is a challenging task. L&D faces difficulties managing training activities and keeping the costs down. See how kPoint enables L&D crowdsource video creation increasing training reach and effectiveness!

24 Nov, 20141064 plays1 like

kPoint wishes you a Prosperous Diwali 2021

Team kPoint

We wish you a vibrant and colorful Diwali, and hope that this video provides a crackle of inspiration to help you to give back to the world

03 Nov, 2021101 plays1 like