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Niteen S Dharmawat in conversation with Dr Anil Lamba on Dr Lamba's latest book "Financial Affairs of the Common Man" on 29th Feb, Saturday, at BDB Club, MCCIA Trade Tower, SB Road, Pune.

12 Jun, 202018 plays

Introducing kPoint's new user interface

kPoint Sales

Introducing the new kPoint portal, with a refreshing new player and a host of constructive features for video viewers, creators and administrators. kPoint's new UI provides you an outstanding cross device user experience and unmatched user engagement capabilities.

17 Nov, 20161599 plays2 likes

A video platform for businesses

Team kPoint

Videos can be used effectively in enterprises for corporate communications, customer support, training, etc. See how kPoint's enterprise video platform serves all these purposes and provides the first of its kind offline mobile video viewing for enterprise

11 Mar, 2015449 plays

Introducing kPoint Mobile

Team kPoint

Mobility is more crucial than ever. kPoint’s mobile app takes the kPoint web experience to the next level. It is designed to address some of the real life issues with mobile video such as mobile friendly rendering, security and unreliable bandwidth.

31 Mar, 2015659 plays1 like

The kPoint video viewing experience

Team kPoint

kPoint has revolutionized the experience of viewing videos. Now you no longer have to scroll back and forth to find what you are looking for inside it. Watch this video and see how viewing kPoint videos gives you a much better experience.

04 Jul, 2015497 plays